Equipment Jessamine

Jessamine County is home to BERT’s rescue hub. The Jessamine County Fire Protection District is an active part of our organization.

2004 Ford F-550 is the original prime mover for BERT’s Rescue 1 trailer housed at Jessamine County Fire & Rescue. The truck is equipped with navigational GPS (which was cutting edge back in 2004) and a variety of radio communication equipment. This truck was retired from front-line duty in 2014.

This 33ft East Tennessee Trailer gooseneck is Rescue 1.  It is equipped with numerous hydraulic tools such as cutters, spreaders, and rams.  Unlike Hazmat 1 & 2, this trailer is without the makeshift office area.

The prime mover for Rescue 1 is this 2014 Ram crew cab with a flat utility bed. It’s diesel powertrain makes easy work of getting Rescue 1 around the region.