Equipment Woodford

Woodford County is home to one of BERT’s two hazardous materials hubs. The Versailles Fire Department and Woodford County Emergency Management are an active part of our organization and have hosted a significant number of the grants utilized to obtain this valuable equipment.

Storm Trailer

Storm Response Trailers are outfitted with multiple chainsaws, pole saws, electrical generators, and support equipment. The purpose of this equipment is to restore accessibility to transportation infrastructure and make way for larger apparatus needing access to an area.


2013 Alumacraft Boat is equipped a 90hp outboard 4-stroke motor and Huminbird Sidescan Sonar. The boat is lightweight so it can be towed with a large SUV and uses a 2″ ball.

Light Tower

This 2015 Magnum MLT3060 “light plant” is a diesel electric generator featuring four 1,000 Watt flood lights on a 30ft crank up tower. The tower also has been upgraded to include a VHF antenna for use with a transportable mutual-aid radio repeater when enhanced communications are needed. The Magnum light plant can be easily transported by most vehicles including the Polaris Ranger

Polaris Ranger

The 2014 Polaris Ranger seats four and is up-fitted with a patient care module on which a backboard and EMS provider can operate for short distances. The Polaris is transported in an enclosed 5ft by 12ft cargo trailer requiring a 2-5/16″ ball and brake controller equipped vehicle.